A dialogue
between cultures
and tastes
My travels, collaborations and encounters allowed me to give my cakes, ice creams and desserts a style, a desire and an emotion. I always have a notebook on me to note a sensation, a sentence, a colour, and sometimes I even try to draw what I see. It’s the beginning and the essence of my work. I could never forget the scent of the orange trees in Seville, the architecture of the Raffles in Singapore, my long walk at 6am along the Great Wall of China, my first arrival in New York…
All of these memories have in common the dynamic of their lines, the modernity of the graphic and human relations, an energy that allows the impossible to happen. All of these memories can be found, in concentrated form, in my cakes: improbable and fleeting structures, singular themes, texture contrasts, flavours that recall my travels.
A dialogue between cultures and tastes