A meeting
of minds
When in December 2004 I met Andreï Dellos, the inspiring creator of Café Pouchkine in Moscow, I didn’t yet realise what an incredible adventure would follow. Not only did our human relationship blossom from the beginning, leading to a productive dialogue with him, but as the days went by I was able to develop my techniques, create a spirit for the cakes, send out creations for all his restaurants, and finally participate in the openings of the Pouchkine cafés in Paris and New York.
Andreï Dellos has created several restaurants in Moscow and I need to bring a different personality to the desserts for each one, which means I am always creating new pastries. Everything is constantly renewed and Andreï Dellos is insatiable. He modernises forgotten desserts from the Russian culture and I then suggest interpretations, recreations and creations that we taste until we are both completely satisfied. We always start with a popular dessert that we transform into a luxury pastry in terms of flavours, textures and aesthetics, as I am passionate about dream-like desserts, architectural structures and incredible colour combinations.
A meeting of minds