December 2014
At the Louis Vuitton Foundation with Jean-Louis Nomicos.

At the heart of the glass building imagined by Frank Ghery is Le Frank, Jean-Louis Nomicos’ restaurant who invents a delicate cuisine, changing throughout the hours. I admire the chef as much as his cuisine, its delicateness, its inventiveness, its attachment to his origins and his perfectionism, many values that we have in common. So it is with honour that I accepted to imagine for him the pastries in this magical place that lets my imagination run free…

Exclusive pastries created for the Foundation, in a special format, inspired by French tradition classics to which I add a few touches of travel. A pure lemon fine tart, with its French and Italian meringues or a rum baba, light Tahiti vanilla cream, my inspirations are from here and elsewhere, to be as close as possible to the Foundation, lightness, aesthetics and opening to the world…

My creations will evolve with the Foundation, for a collection of pastries that will be regularly renewed, through the products and seasons, but always with excellence, sophistication and gourmandise as starting points!

November 2014
Salon du Chocolat

Last Sunday, the 20th Salon du Chocolat closed its doors. To celebrate this birthday, the 40 most beautiful dresses in the history of the salon were selected for an opening show, last Tuesday.
I was lucky enough to be amongst the selection and to dress the journalist Eléonore Boccara, with the help of the couturier Christophe Guillarmé, with a nymph dress made of chocolate. A privileged moment of creation to celebrate twenty years of gourmandise!

September 2014
my beloved vanilla

The particular aroma of the vanilla is very different from a pod to another and, for someone crazy about vanilla like me, it is a perpetual quest to find the best, the purest, the most fragrant…
During my travels, I usually visit the markets and try to bring back the vanillas that seem the most interesting for my work. That is how I found myself in Saint-Pierre de la Réunion in front of these astonishingly fresh vanillas and brought some back with me. Back in Paris, I prepared an infusion which, I thought, as going to be one of the best of my life...
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July 2014
my beloved vanilla

Aztecs called it the black flower, this vanilla creeper made of the blood of princess Tzacopontziza assassinated during her escape with her prince. They used it to sweeten their kings and warriors’ cocoa drinks served in gold cups. Discovered by the conquistador Hernan Cortès during the 16th century, Mexican vanilla fascinated the Europeans courts with its sweet fragrance.

Décember 2013
Sur Arte avec Michel Roth

Ne manquez pas le 31 décembre à 12 heures, « Un souper à la russe », une émission d’Arte sous la férule de Michel Roth, cuisinier du Ritz, qui m’a convié à réaliser le dessert ! La série ''Repas de fête'' diffusée à Noël sur Arte, avec Michel Roth, co-auteur de la série, et Caroline Mignot, journaliste culinaire, vous introduit chaque jour dans de magnifiques thématiques voyageuses et gourmandes ! Un des épisodes est dédié à la Russie et aux influences franco-russes réciproques dans la gastronomie. Et Michel Roth a choisi de m’inviter à partager ce repas, en tant qu'ami et ancien chef pâtissier chez Pouchkine… J’ai donc réalisé un medovik glacé, imaginé à partir de ce dessert populaire russe qui tient son nom du mot russe « med » qui signifie « miel ». La légende raconte que ce dessert traditionnel, présent dans les repas de fête et notamment les mariages aurait été créé pour l’impératrice Elizabeth la Clémente au milieu du XVIIIème siècle, afin de la réconcilier avec le miel… Mon interprétation de ce dessert consiste à créer une verrine sophistiquée donc à transformer ce dessert en entremet glacé servi à l’assiette. Il consiste en strates superposées de crème glacée à la fleur de lait, de biscuit au miel et de crème glacée sgouchonka (une confiture de lait russe) que nous avons méticuleusement montées avec Michel Roth ! Vous pouvez retrouver la recette et les émissions sur

June 2013
L’art de la glace…

Alors que j’exerçais en tant que professeur auprès de Joël Bellouet et Jean-Michel Perruchon au début des années 2000, j’ai pu écrire un livre aujourd’hui réédité : Apprenez l’art de la glace et des sorbets. Destiné aux professionnels, l’ouvrage développe toutes les déclinaisons autour du sujet. Entremets glacés, desserts assiettes, nougatine, coupes glacées, sculpture sur glace…, les recettes démontrent de la richesse du sujet. Il m’aura fallu plusieurs années de recherche pour mettre au point celles-ci, ultra précises, qu’il s’agisse de fruits, de chocolat, de vanille, d’épices… et ultra gourmandes. Les montages sont sophistiqués, les explications claires… alors, pourquoi ne pas se lancer ?

May 2013
A fruitful dialogue
Her delicate cuisine, the finesse of her personality, her high standards and rigour impress me to the point that I am very happy to work with her! Anne-Sophie Pic suggested to me a meeting of pastry and cuisine around real constructions of flavours, textures and colours. And so my life took a new turn and put me in the kitchen of an exceptional chef.
We spend a lot of time discussing her cuisine, our visions, different complex flavour matches and inspirations, and then we start exploring. The result is desserts that are refined, unexpected and resolutely different, and that enrich the menus of her restaurants in Valence, Lausanne and Paris from week to week. A dialogue that is rich in new developments and exquisite sweets to taste...

April 2013
A passion for Asia
Long fascinated with Asia, I have just returned from an extended trip there which allowed me to enjoy those timeless cultures that have a deep effect on me. The markets and the street food in Vietnam and in Bangkok inspire me to embark on new pastry adventures. But the luxurious restaurants and the demonstrations that I did seduced me as well. I love contrasts!

Emmanuel Ryon