A taste for travel
Since childhood I have dreamed of travelling, opening myself to new and unexpected experiences and rich emotions… and I suspect that the competitions were already a form of travel! Driven by a desire for broader horizons, I have travelled great distances with my eyes wide open to satisfy my taste for vivid sensations, colours and dreams.
I always have a notebook on me, in which I can make a sketch, take some notes, jot down a flavour pairing, or describe a texture… For me the purpose of travel is to replenish yourself, to take a step back from reality and let the spirit wander while observing cities, nature and people. I remember the first time I arrived in New York, a city where everything happens at high speed, the scent of orange blossoms in Seville, the architecture of the Raffle in Singapore, the Great Wall of China which I followed alone at 6am, intoxicated by its seeming infiniteness.

The emotions that I experience, the sensations that I feel during these trips nourish me, fill my notebooks and sometimes come through in my desserts.