A new and
refined collection
Andreï Dellos is extremely knowledgeable about pastry, he is a connoisseur and a gourmet. Together we rework the French and Russian classics and try to apply the techniques of French pastry to the Russian palate. The “Médovic ice,” for instance, is based on a Russian cake of honey, buckwheat and crème fraîche, layered with crushed biscuits and crème fraîche ice cream… The Charlotka is a cake originally invented by Carême for the Czar, that we updated both aesthetically and technically even if we wanted to preserve the rustic quality of this dessert that is built around the apple.
Ice creams and pastries allow us to dream up collections that are often renewed, very sophisticated collections in which we seek to truly create, initiate new techniques, play new aesthetic scores.

In these magical settings, the pastries are constantly renewed and therefore I never stop creating…
A new and refined collection